Invest Monthly in Children’s Mental Health

Become a CASA Change Maker to put children and their families on the path to better mental health.

When you join the CASA Change Makers, you will join a group of people who make it their mission to see that children and families succeed.

Your monthly gift will help children who are suffering.

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Why We Need Your Help

Your monthly gift will make a big impact. It will provide children and families with access to mental health care and give them access to tools for success for the rest of their lives.

There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer.

There is nothing better than seeing them get better.

As a CASA Change Maker, you’ll receive:


An exclusive welcome gift


A CASA Change Maker email signature


An annual update on our projects


A stone on the digital pathway

Why Giving Monthly Matters

Fits your budget: Monthly giving allows you to decide what makes sense for you while still making an incredible impact.

Part of a community: Becoming a CASA Change Maker means joining a group of people who understand the importance of a sustainable commitment to provide mental health care for children and their families.

Plans for the future: Monthly giving allows us to make long term plans because we know there is ongoing support from the CASA Change Makers. Monthly gifts allow for more money to go to programs and less money to overhead.

It’s convenient: It’s easy to sign up and makes a huge difference all year round.

Becoming a CASA Change Maker is easy. Simply click the link and make your gift online

“I became a CASA Change Maker because I am very passionate about what CASA does and the change that CASA makes happen in the lives of so many people”

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